Cheese and Wine Tasting

one to wine glass and cheese table

Published the Oct 05 2017 in "Past Events"

One of One To Wine’s most appreciated event is the Cheese and Wine Tasting nights Cheezelo, maybe because nobody can say no to a good wine matched with worldwide cheeses.

We have chosen the best partner to prepare these events: Cheezelo.

It is a nice and independent cheese shop, which provides the best worldwide selections of cheeses, some of them imported in exclusivity.

We can only make this event once a month, which explains the difficulty to get tickets!

The venue, Cheezelo, is a cute small shop that provides us thee perfect feeling of intimacy to create a great atmosphere among participants. A perfect time to talk and ask our experts all you were wondering about wine and cheeses. We prefer to make this tasting with small groups to be able to chat with everyone and give you the best experience.

 What can you expect?

This event is quite simple: you will taste 4 wines, paired with 6 cheeses. Each of them are introduced by our experts, who lead you through the wine and cheese tastings. The first two wines are paired with one cheese for the participant to get familiar with the method, the next two wines will be proposed two cheeses, creating two different pairings, which allows each attendee to forge its own opinion and share it with others! Thank to this, you will learn how to taste wines and how to make good pairings.

Even if you will not become an expert in one night, we will make sure that you get the main mechanics, to use them right later. Plus, we always keep in mind to surprise attendees with exclusives wines and cheeses for new flavors and sensations.

One to Wine will present you 3 white wines, and 1 red wine. The white selection is, Le Généreux Loire Blanc, L´Ambitieux Bordeaux Blanc and L´Ambitieux Loire Blanc. After those, you will be discovering Le Prestigieux Loire Rouge, one of our best quality reds.

These wines will be matched with Cheddar Wookey Farmhouse, La Bonne Cauchoise, Rosary goat, Old Winchester, Ossau Iraty and a Gruyère alpin.

To get your ticket click here.

We are looking forward seeing you in the next cheese and wine tasting!