Tasting 101

Published the Oct 20 2017 in "Past Events"

Have you ever felt lost looking at a wine list in a restaurant? Can you identify the wines from different French regions? One more question, do you want to learn how to taste a wine, being able in three simple steps to go further in its appreciation? Our tastings 101 are built to give you the necessary basics of all those skills!

The wine is for us, of course, one of the most beautiful handcraft product. However, we know that it requires a little bit of training to fully understand and enjoy it.

One to Wine makes it a pleasure to make you discover the world of fine wines by giving simple tips and a three steps method to follow to remember the taste and aromas of a wine even a few weeks after the tasting.

These tasting classes are divided in 4 levels of skills, from the 101 to the 104:

  • 101: Basic initiation: How to taste a wine?

  • 102: The grape varieties: How to compare and recognise them?

  • 103: The vinification process: What method will bring what aromas?

  • 104: Initiation to blindtasting

About Tasting 101:

This this session is articulated around three withes from Bordeaux and three reds from Languedoc. We guide you through the tasting of each wines, progressively giving the attendee more and more autonomy until he feels comfortable describing a wine following our tasting sheets.

You can come with a pair of good friends to share your new passion, to have a great time and probably finish a bottle or two…

The tastings are in central London with an easy access, in a venue called Papilles, one of London’s most authentic wine bar in their philosophy, and we can taste it in their wines! Cosy moment guaranteed!

Tasting 101 takes place almost every week, you can check it on Eventbrite should you want to book a ticket (here) before the tickets run out. 🙂