5 things to do in London at Valentine’s day

Published the Feb 09 2018 in "Articles"

Every February 14th around the world, candies, flowers, and gifts are offered to loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine.


Because you probably forgot, we are now at that time of the year again… And it’s next week! We know, time flies sooo fast and you already remember this awful previous Valentine’s day where all new trendy restaurants were full or the only person you hang about with was your pillow, or your cat as best.


One to Wine thought about you for this wonderful 2018 year: we have planned a day for everyone, for you, 35th-year-old couple, and also you, lonely wild heart. You will have no more reasons to repeat the same mistakes year after year after you reading our article!


London is a city of thousands of opportunities. Parks, restaurants and hidden romantics places are everywhere. But why not ditch the teddy bear and do something different on the most romantic day of the year, such as museums? Let us suggest you ideas to make the lover’s Day an unbelievable experience. No matter what your time schedule looks like so far, we list 5 options which can be taken separately or in a whole with a breakfast, a matinee, a lunch, an afternoon and, of course, a dinner!


  1. Breakfast

EVERYONE likes breakfast in bed. But liking it is a step, having it is another. You will need to wake up early, soil your kitchen, have bought all the ingredients in advance and do the dishes once done…

NO ONE has time for that and even less the energy when you are warmly rolled in your cover with your significant other like a comfy burrito.

So why don’t you order it? One call and 30 mins later, the bell rings and you have your breakfast without even putting your feets out!

  1. Matinee

As we said before, introducing a cultural touch to the cutest day of the year can be an idea. We thought of a visit of the Tate Modern.  As known as the most important modern art museum in the UK, it contains artworks from Picasso, Andy Warhol or Dali. Moreover, you will be thrilled by the romanticism of the ephemeral exhibition of nudes from Modigliani.

  1. Lunch

If you stay at the Tate, you can go at the top of the building. From the last floor of this over-structured build, you will discover an elegant restaurant. Take some time to enjoy a meal and a drink while admiring the fantastic panorama of the city.

  1. Afternoon

What do you think about a walk side by side? You can wander from Little Venice to Camden Town, away from the crowded touristic streets. This calm and tranquil area would be perfect for a walk or even a narrowboat cruise between locks. If you are celebrating it on Sunday, a promenade in Columbian Road’s Flower Market is also a delightful option. What a lovely location for a tour surrounded by bouquets and irresistible smells!

  1. Dinner

To finish this amazing day, why don’t you go to one of the most impressive bars of the city?  Eventually, you can have a drink at the top of the Sky garden. Or maybe you would rather have an intimate moment with your beloved in a charming Clos Maggiore Italian restaurant in the Coven Garden district.


And, of course, for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day: share a limited edition box of French Madeleines and a bottle of Champagne method Crement de Loire 2014! (Order your gift on Bisou les Madeleines website)

We hope you will enjoy the tips we are giving you for the most romantic day of the year!