Firm & semi-firm Cheeses

Cheeses can be pretty hard to pair with wine. In fact, the connoisseurs would pair each cheese with a different wine, but in order to stay simple, we have decided to divide cheeses into three categories, in function of the main aromas they have in common, to recommend a wine that matches. This firm and semi-firm category will regroup Cheddar, Cantal, Reblochon, Edam, Gouda, Gryère, Parmeggiano and Monterey Jack among others. Most of the cheeses in this category will get along with a Chardonnay a bit aged and with a round palate and buttery side, or a white Bordeaux aged in barrel with a woody and vanilla expression. But you can also pair it with a subtle red wine. A Pinot Noir, for instance, would be a great choice too.
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