An Urban Oenotourism Experience: La Route des Vins An event by One to Wine

Published the Jul 17 2019 in "Articles"

After 4 months of organisation, we have finally released our “Big Event”!! We called it An Urban Oeunotourim Experience: la Route des Vins. The event was the occasion to celebrate our 3 years anniversary with all the people who have been supporting us since the begging and, obviously, the new ones. We are so grateful that everyone came and so happy that you enjoyed it a lot, considering the feedbacks we got! 

The event took place at the Brew coffice in Old street on Friday, July 5th from 6:00 pm till 11:00pm. All the One To Wine team and partners were present to welcome their guest for “La Route des Vins”.  

What’s a Route des Vins you might ask? Let me explain. In France, a “Route des Vins” is the main road going through a wine region or appellation, going from one estate to another. Doing a “route des vins”, by extension, became the term now used to describe a roadtrip in a vineyard to taste wine straight from local producers. It is this kind of spirit that we wanted to share during our event. This is the reason why (and also because we miss doing it as well 😉), we organised our very own “Route des Vins” touring around France from an independent winemaker to another. Thanks to the big help of our partners we did organise a great “Tour de France” of the wine producing regions with amazing food and wines pairings.  

How did it work?  

We decided to split the “Route des Vins” in 5 different stands where people would be able to walk from one to another and taste the food and the wine.  


Helped by our producers Jessica Ouellet and Pierre Wach who came directly from Alsace to present their wines. The attendees had the chance to taste 3 of the Wach wines and in addition, they had precious advices on how they produced it. 

Loire Valley and Bordeaux, paired with cheeses  

This second stand was presented by Eleonor From Cheezelo shop. During all the evening she explained how the pairings that Maxime and herself made are working. People were able to taste 4 wines paired with 4 cheeses such as a Généreux White from Loire Valley made by Domaine de la Grange with a Wooky Farmhouse Cheddar or a Prestigieux Red from Bordeaux produced by Château Fonréaud with a Bleu d’Auvergne. 

South West & Gaillac paired with canapés  

The third stand was held by Sophie from Elysia catering. Thanks to her participation to the “Route des Vins” our guests had the chance to taste different food and wine pairings. For example, a crepe cup filled with crab pâté & poached rhubarb with a white Chateau de Saurs, from Gqillac, or some cured meat roulade filled with spring vegetables and blue cheese, paired with a red Domaine de Brousse, also located at Gaillac. 

Languedoc & sparkling wines paired with madeleines  

The last stand was held by Hélène from Bisou les madeleines. She kindly provided us two “Bisou towers” (one savoury and one sweet) that were paired with wines from the Languedoc region and a Crémant. The paring was made by Maxime and Helene and she also created three exclusive flavours to be specially paired with the Crémant such as the cardamone and coconut madeleine and the almond and elderflower one

The blind tasting  

After having tasted those 14 wines, the attendees finished “La Route des Vins” by a trying a blind tasting. They had to blindly taste three wine, and then try to recognize which ones it was from the previous wines tasted earlier. Seven attendees did find the correct three answers, we organised a raffle at the end of the event to draw a winner and the lucky one went home with a bottle of Champagne. 

After all these wines tasted, our attendees spend time talking about it while enjoying the photobooths and the good music by DJ Rafik. 

We hope that everyone one had a good time and for those who couldn’t come, don’t worry plenty of other events like this are on their way!