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Fresh Spring Update for our Cocktails


Last week, we were presenting you our collaboration with Elysia catering celebrating our new products: the Italian wines. We paired those newcomers from the south with salted bites such as gougères topped with bright and tasty hummus. 


But what about the sweet tooth? Following the beautiful days coming up and the new season, we added to the family a new recipe for the cocktail! Everyone likes to enjoy a refreshing cocktail on a late-night party or a sunny afternoon with friends.  


 Let’s talk about our Fresh Spring Update for our Cocktails!



The Thames Royal 


–    1 cl Liquid Sugar 

–    4 cl Elderflower Limonade 

–    10 cl Crémant de Loire 2014 Domaine Maison 

–    2 cl Lime Juice 

–    A few frozen red fruits (strawberries, blackberries etc…) 



In a balloon glass, mix the liquid sugar and a dash of lime juice. 

Then add the Crémant de Loire 2014, Domaine Maison.  

Carefully, pour the elderflower lemonade and put a few frozen red fruits in the glass.  

You can use a lime zest for decoration. 

Enjoy your cocktail! 


By adding a touch of Lime juice and some red fruits you wake up your taste buds and refresh yourself with class and elegance! What we liked in this cocktail is we still feel the good balance between brut acidity and round palate of the wine. This is exactly what you will find here. 


The King Sauvignon 


–    2 cl Crème de Cassis 

–    10 cl Sauvignon Blanc du Petit Clocher 

–    3 or 4 Basil leaves 



Fill a large balloon glass with ice cubes. 

Pour the Crème de Cassis. 

Then add the Sauvignon Blanc du Petit Clocher. 

And finish by adding the Basil leaves. 

Stir and serve the cocktail! 


Inspired by the work of the Petit Clocher producer, we wanted to master the herbal and vegetable aromas on the highest level.  

In fact, by tasting the wine on his own, you will have some infused notes of flowers and aromatic woods. That’s why we made our research to balance the global acidity of the wine by adding the sweetest touch that you are waiting for a cocktail but also using a new herbal note.   

Therefore, we married the wine and the blackcurrant aromas with a slight touch of basil to bring a fresh scent reminding Summer. 


The last but not the least is:  


The Pink Flamingo 


–    10 cl Rosé de Loire 2016 Domaine du Petit Clocher 

–    5 cl club soda 

–    Lemon juice (+ some slices for decoration) 

–    1 cl liquid sugar 



Mix all the ingredients. 

Stir well.  

Let it rest in the fridge to infuse for at least 1h. 

Serve really chill and enjoy!   


This is the last one coming in the family! And we hope that you will enjoy it on your late-night dates and parties.  


Enjoy our new Spring Cocktails


Don’t hesitate to write us, we will be joyful to take note of your advice!  

Big news: Italian wines and collab w/ Elysia

For those who follow us on Social media, we already made some announcements a few weeks ago about a tasty and unexpected surprise we had for you…  


Today is the day to let you know that our Italian wines are finally here and ready for Spring! #italianwinelover  

We received 18 new wines directly coming from the region of Friuli in the North East of Italy.  

And the best part is: we decided to make a collaboration with Elysia catering to celebrate those latest arrivals. But also, our latest creations for Spring season: the One to Wine Cocktails! 


After some researches and meetings with Sophie and Anya from Elysia, we choose which of our specialties will perfectly match with each other.  



We first think about the red wine Giovanni Drì Monte Dei Carpini Schioppettino DOC Collio Orientali Friuli 2015 paired with a gougère topped with a colorful herby hummus.  

The various aromas of dark fruits and chocolate with a hint of wood coming from a light oak aging are showing first. Once you get it, the perfect balance takes place between fresh fruits, gourmet chocolate, and nutty notes…  A true delight with the gougère pastry of Elysia. It’s definitely a great couple! 

Secondly, we choose the Bidoli Friulano Friuli DOC Grave 2017. This is one of our favorites! Made from the very rare grape Friulano, this wine is produced in the North East of Italy. This wine has been selected for its great freshness, a good acidity and a light bouquet of flowers and citric fruits makes it perfect for picnic time in Summer season.  

Our final choice has been logical: Kurtin Opera Prima IGP Delle Venezie 2016. The winemaker blends this white wine with a selection of Pinot BiancoRibolla Gialla, and Chardonnay. The particularity of this blend comes from a long-maceration, the altitude of the vines and the sunny region of origin. It guarantees to the wine an opulent taste and a rich and complex bouquet of various exotic and stone fruits, olives and acacia flower.

 And you know what? You can pair those aromas perfectly with food, especially gougères pastries. Lucky you are! 



Looking forward to our next wine degustation now? Follow us on Facebook, because we are preparing some great events for you.  

Stay tuned, we are posting our Cocktails recipes in our next article and some new contents in the next days. 

Let’s have a talk with Eleonore, founder at Cheezelo …

  • Hi Eleonore, could you introduce yourself a bit?

I’m originally from Normandy, after studying business in France, Mexico and UK, I have then started a career in IT Services. I have been living in UK for 12 years now, I decided to launch Cheezelo last year after realizing that working for big corporations wasn’t my “piece of cheese”

  • Can you tell us the story of Cheezelo, explain us how you started it, how you chose the name?
  • shop

    cheezelo shop

Cheezelo comes from “cheese” and my nickname “elo” and also the word “chez” translated in French at someone’s place, by the name, I want to express that coming at “elo’s place” would be having a good time.

I always loved receiving guests and preparing nice food, a passion for cooking that was shared from my Gran
dma to my mam and me. Cheeses has always been part of my life and being from Normandy, I obviously had to grow up with some of the finest cheeses produced there.

Sharing a great time, enjoying nice cheeses and just smiling is how it inspired me to launch Cheezelo and specialized in ready to eat cheese platters, sourcing exclusive cheeses and other goods to have a special moment in great company.


  • How do you select your cheeses? Where are they from?


I carefully select my cheeses based on their origin and their quality, I tend to have a wide range of different types of cheeses, fresh, soft, semi-soft, blue, hard and mature cheeses, from cow’s milk to goat and sheep’s milk too. To satisfy the multi-cultural customers base in London, I source cheeses from all over Europe, principally French regional cheeses, British territorial cheeses and continental which includes the rest of fine cheeses from Italy, Spain, Greece or Switzerland. I have also an attach to my native Normandy and would have specialties products too, particularly the Neufchatel, Camembert de Normandie, Pont L’eveque and last but not least, the “bonne cauchoise” a washed cider cow cheese made by a small farm in Normandy near le Havre, a cheese which I have the whole exclusivity in UK. One of my bestseller too. I have today more than 50 different cheeses available and plan to increase this number in the coming month with newbies added to the cheese family and cheese platters.


  • Besides cheese, do you sell other products at Cheezelo? Any intention to develop to new products?


I offer anything which goes well with cheeses, such as a wide range of chutney, relishes awarded as “great taste”, crackers and the exclusive sofflé thyme & rosemary pitta which is a must have with any cheeses, british angus beef biltong, Normandy cured meat, patés and variety of saucissons and of course a carefully chosen list of wines. Principally French Wines from the Loire, Languedoc and Bordeaux regions.

Apart from offering cheeses, I also prepare and serve salads, quiches, sandwiches and lastly fresh vegan cheeses made with various type of natural ingredients and nuts.



  • We heard about on- and off-trade selling, plus a delivery system, is that right?

My products are available in the shop, online via my website and also on ubereats. I sometimes participate in local markets and events to work with the communities to discover my products.

I also offer catering services, for business and personal events, either if you are just 4 or 200, I prepare various types of platters, either cheeses, cured meats, sandwiches or sweet patisseries. A way to travel and discover new tastes via fine foods and mostly have a great time via exquisite food.


  • We are very excited about starting the Cheese and Wine pairing with you next week! Would you like to present the tasting principle?

wine and cheese pairing

I am also excited abo


ut this event, sharing my passion to others is always great, not only the crowd will learn about cheese and wine, they will foremost have an amazing experience and a good time. With One to Wine, I will present 6 different cheeses from different origin, a story will be shared about the particular cheese, I will explain the key attributes to the cheese, from texture, to taste and complexity, then once paired with a selected Win
e, the audience will discover taste and flavors that are both revealed when tasted together.




  • During the day we prepared the tasting, what was your favorite pairing?

I fell in love with the Loire Ambitieux White wine and the Rosary Goat Cheese and Old Winchester. How French and British can marry each other with this wonderful matching.


  • Tricky question: British Cheese or French Cheese

Difficult question…well I tend to prefer unpasteurized mature cheeses which are more common in France, particularly the Alpine and Mountain cheeses, so French cheeses it is. Although, the British territory has a lot of uncommon cheeses which are just awaited to be tried and discovered, the Stinking bishop, old Winchester, Wolseley and Berkswell are amongst my favorites.

  • Mostly red or white wine?

White wine, particularly with cheeses, the red flavor would often take over the flavors of the cheeses, except if you select strong flavored or extra mature cheeses.





  • And, at least, after tasting all our wines, which one from our range would you recommend?

Definitely the Loire wines, either White or Red, the wines from this region offers freshness, smoothness and an aroma from the grapes that would never deceives a cheese & wine lover.



We are very happy to announce you our first Cheese and Wine Tasting on Thursday, August, 17th at 7:30 pm. You will be guided through a real sensitive journey, by tasting 6 kinds of cheese and 4 wines. The aim of the tasting is for all attendees to understand how Sommeliers and Chefs pair those two delights together.

Book your ticket on the link here!

Pictures of the Event Mustard Seed

Conception & development : Cereal Concept