Cocktail Time

Published the Sep 13 2017 in "Articles"

person making a cocktailThe summer is ending but don’t worry we bring you new ideas to spend the autumn in a perfect way. Why not taking a break from the routine and enjoy a new way to drink wine?

It is quite simple: you just have to meet with a bunch of friends and good wines, andmake these two cocktails to get the best summer nights back!

Tasted and created by One To Wine, this means that they are carefully prepared to paired the best with our wines’ aromas. You will get to know a new way of enjoying wine and making new friends

The main ingredient is wine, of course, but not whichever one. After lots of (hard) tastings, we selected the Sauvignon Blanc du Petit Clocher and the Crémant de Loire 2014 from the Domaine Maison. Two wines which will remain in your wine selection for sure.



Thames Royalcocktail cremant

The first cocktail is the general idea was here to work on the good balance between brut acidity and round palate the wine had, but with adding more gourmet aromas, like enjoying a desert with red fruits and a twist of lime to wake your taste buds up! This is exactly what you will find here.





Try to make it yourself, here is the recipe:


  • 1 cl Liquid Sugar
  • 4 cl Elderflower Limonade
  • 10 cl Crémant de Loire 2014 Domaine Maison
  • 2 cl lime Juice
  • A few frozen red fruits (strawberries, blackberries ect…)


In an INAO type glass, first serve the liquid sugar, a dash of lime juice and then the Crémant de Loire 2014 Domaine Maison. Add carefully the elderflower limonade and put a few frozen red fruits in the glass. You can use a lime zest for decoration.

Enjoy your cocktail !



cocktail suavignon

King Sauvignon

Go to the next one, we where inspired by the work of the Petit Clocher, producer of this wine, that mastered the herbal and vegetable aromas on the highest level: you often have the impression the wine has been infused with flowers and aromatic woods… In this view we decided to add blackcurrant aromas to balance the global acidity of the wine (a cocktail should be sweet after all), and marrying all the wine and blackcurrant aromas with a slight touch of basil that brings a fresh scent reminding summer, but yet remaining discreet, in the same spirit the Petit Clocher has in its wines.





  • 2 cl Crème de Cassis
  • 10 cl Sauvignon Blanc du Petit Clocher
  • 3 or 4 Basil leaves


In a large balloon glass, filled with iced cubes, poor the Crème de cassis. Then add the Sauvignon Blanc du Petit Clocher before adding the Basil leaves.

Stir and serve the cocktail !

It is that simple !! One to Wine wants you to enjoy them both, and share with us your opinions and photos of your own creations!

We are looking forward to know about your cocktails moments.


person drinking cocktail