Published the Mar 19 2020 in "News"

What is it?

The CoViD-19 is a new zoonotic virus, which means it’s transmitted from animals to people.

The most common signs of infection include fever and breathing difficulties.

The standard recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus include washing your hands regularly, covering mouth and nose when coughing/sneezing, avoiding close contact with anyone showing symptoms of flu.

What are the countries doing?

The first country affected by CoViD-19 was China and more specifically the city of Wuhan.

Very quickly, the government closed everything and told the citizens to stay home to prevent the further spread.

Today, China seems to be recovering and there are currently more cases of CoViD-19 outside of the country.

We can currently count 164 countries, areas and territories infected and a total of more than 194,000 registered sick people. If you’re looking for a specific country :

The virus is spreading fast and one of the most impacted country is Italy, where the number of registered cases has exceeded 28000, and the number of deaths is around 2500.

The Italian government took strict precautions to avoid the further spreading and the overcrowding of the hospitals.

President Giuseppe Conte, on the 11th of March, said on tv to “stay apart today, to hug tomorrow” (Restiamo lontani oggi, per abbracciarci domani) to incite people to follow the rules but also to spread a message of hope that was truly needed.

More countries like Spain, France, Germany and the USA are copying the guidelines used by both Italy and China: closing of schools and of most of public transports, home-office (except for a few workplaces), regulations for going out and penalties for those who don’t respect them.

However, some countries like the United Kingdom, don’t apply such strict measures.

This is one of the latest report from CNN, dated 17 March 2020:

How is One To Wine coping?

For now, One To Wine has postponed or cancelled its upcoming events, mainly because we care about you and because your health is our priority.

We prefer not encouraging people to meet and risking the spread of CoViD-19.

For now, the situation is a bit blurry in the UK because it’s quite new, but we don’t have to worry. The only thing to do:


On our side, we are developing a new way to keep our costumers (all of you!) happy and drinking good wine while waiting for this period to end.

We’ll soon offer a new delivery service for online purchases!

You can book your wines here :

You can find more specific information here:

Take care of yourselves!