Dry January

Published the Jan 21 2020 in "News"

Dry January is the UK’s one-month alcohol-free challenge that allows people to begin the year with new drinking habits.

Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind this project, launched the campaign in 2013 because a quarter of the British population was drinking above the NHS recommended daily allowance, causing an average of 20 deaths a day from related illness.

What are the medical benefits from dry-january?

According to Richard de Visser, a scientist leading his researches at the University of Sussex, an alcohol-free month would have many benefits on your body which knows no hangover, dehydration, or sorehead anymore.

Your liver and your digestive health would be improved.

71% of participants would sleep better, 67% have more energy, 58% lose weight and 54% have a better skin.

Participating to this abstinence month would also reduce diabetes and cancer risks and lowers cholesterol.

However, Dry January has some limits and isn’t the solution to all the alcoholism problems.

It is more fitted for those who want to take care of them, or should cut back a bit with overconsuming alcohol but have relatively low health risks.

Even considering only the volunteers in this experiment, the benefits are biased because the participants often make other lifestyle changes at the beginning of the year such as eating better or exercising again…

What about the social point of view? 

Alcohol has a significant role in our lives and represents a way to celebrate, socialise or relax.

But nowaday, people are more and more willing to take care of themselves, by better consuming and limiting the excesses.

Dry January has become a real trend; this year more than 4 million people are taking part in the UK movement.

In addition to health benefits, people can make financial savings and realise they don’t need to drink liters and liters of alcohol to have fun.

In the long term, 80% of the participants succeed to keep their good habits; they reduced their alcohol consumption during more than 6 months.

They’ll improve their consumption by consuming less alcohol but with a better quality.

What is One To Wine point of view?

You can find alcohol-free reds, whites, rosés or sparklings on the market, but unfortunately the process that takes alcohol out from a regular wine is very aggressive and damages the wine.

The result is often too bland or sweety.

Dry January is part of a current of action whose goal is to think about consuming better.

That doesn’t only mean to consume less, it is above all to consume sustainable products.

Sustainability is one of the most important current issues and One To Wine is very implicated in it.

We promote French and Italian small and independent winemakers all applying a sustainable approach that respects soils and biodiversity.

Drinking selected good wines is a way to better consume and to protect the planet and ourselves.

You can trust our expertise on this.

Please, feel free to use our Wine Searcher on our website to find the wine that will best suit you.