Easter celebration with One to Wine

Published the Mar 29 2018 in "Articles"

The Easter weekend is the first public holiday period of the year to enjoy the Spring-like season and weather. There are so many outdoor activities to enjoy with family members, and it’s generally part of Easter celebration. Therefore, be sure to make your plans well in advance in order to secure your travel and hotels at the best rates and prices.


But first of all, let’s make a little reminder of the Easter history.

Easter, also known as the Resurrection Sunday, is one of the oldest Christian traditions. This festival and holiday are celebrating the last week of Jesus’ life, his death, and his resurrection, described in the New Testament. It’s written as having occurred on the 3rd day of his burial after his certification by the Roman.


The actual date of Easter, unlike Christmas for example, is not a set date. Easter is always on a Sunday and can vary in date by country depending on the calendar used (Gregorian or Julian). In the case of the United Kingdom, which follows the Gregorian calendar, Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the first moon after the first day of Spring!


Easter Sunday is rich in traditional foods and the Sunday lunch is the perfect opportunity to share a nice meal with the family members.

As a food and wine lover, Easter is the perfect excuse to eat delicious dishes and open a bottle of wine.

And for this special event, One to Wine has prepared THE perfect Easter Lunch Meal!

  • Hard-boiled eggs with Paprika mayonnaise as a starter
  • Herb Leg Lamb with roasted veggies as a main dish
  • Carrot cake as dessert

Red wines are a wonderful and natural match with lamb. If you decide to roast your meat, a Cabernet will go well. The deep, intense fruit flavor and firm tannin structure match the richness and texture of the lamb. In our selection, we would advise one of our new Italian wines: 2016 Cabernet from Bidoli made in Friuli.   

An oak-aged wine, a bit more complex, but still with woody notes can also be a perfect match, we can advise you our Ambitieux red from Bordeaux, produced by the Mouty Family, or the Ambitieux red from Languedoc, produced on the Corbières terroir by the Château du Roc. 



Don’t stay thirsty when the children are occupied with the Egg hunt. We have prepared the perfect Easter cocktail for the older. Yes, we also think about the parents!

You will need:

  • 1 cup of elderflower liquor
  • 1 bottle of Pinot Grigio from the Italian One to Wine selection wines
  • 0,75 ml of sparkling water
  • Some thyme and rosemary

Put all the ingredient in a nice bowl and have a good mix. Let the rosemary and the thyme infused a little bit and the cocktail is ready to serve on ice. This cocktail is better chilled!

Enjoy your Easter holiday!