Between Two Vines


A course designed as a two hours talk about wine with Maxime Maiano, MSc Wine and Spirits, to learn about wine culture, vinification, history & fun facts.


If you are one of those really interested in wine, not only its taste but also its culture, its story. Join us for a talk about wine and everything while sipping a glass of bold red or fruity white!

Maxime Maiano will prepare a series of topics around wine: its history, development, some fun facts, some useful facts on grape varieties and appelations, with a hint of biology of the vine and chemestry of the vinification.

He will be here so you can ask him all you have ever wanted to know about wine, and tell you more!

The gathering takes place at our partner's venue, the INSEEC U. London, with the kind support and co-organisation of French Morning London.


The 2020/02/27 from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm
Where : INSEEC U. London, 32 Aybrook Street, W1U 4AW London