Fresh Spring Update for our Cocktails

Published the Apr 19 2018 in "News & Events"


Last week, we were presenting you our collaboration with Elysia catering celebrating our new products: the Italian wines. We paired those newcomers from the south with salted bites such as gougères topped with bright and tasty hummus. 


But what about the sweet tooth? Following the beautiful days coming up and the new season, we added to the family a new recipe for the cocktail! Everyone likes to enjoy a refreshing cocktail on a late-night party or a sunny afternoon with friends.  


 Let’s talk about our Fresh Spring Update for our Cocktails!



The Thames Royal 


–    1 cl Liquid Sugar 

–    4 cl Elderflower Limonade 

–    10 cl Crémant de Loire 2014 Domaine Maison 

–    2 cl Lime Juice 

–    A few frozen red fruits (strawberries, blackberries etc…) 



In a balloon glass, mix the liquid sugar and a dash of lime juice. 

Then add the Crémant de Loire 2014, Domaine Maison.  

Carefully, pour the elderflower lemonade and put a few frozen red fruits in the glass.  

You can use a lime zest for decoration. 

Enjoy your cocktail! 


By adding a touch of Lime juice and some red fruits you wake up your taste buds and refresh yourself with class and elegance! What we liked in this cocktail is we still feel the good balance between brut acidity and round palate of the wine. This is exactly what you will find here. 


The King Sauvignon 


–    2 cl Crème de Cassis 

–    10 cl Sauvignon Blanc du Petit Clocher 

–    3 or 4 Basil leaves 



Fill a large balloon glass with ice cubes. 

Pour the Crème de Cassis. 

Then add the Sauvignon Blanc du Petit Clocher. 

And finish by adding the Basil leaves. 

Stir and serve the cocktail! 


Inspired by the work of the Petit Clocher producer, we wanted to master the herbal and vegetable aromas on the highest level.  

In fact, by tasting the wine on his own, you will have some infused notes of flowers and aromatic woods. That’s why we made our research to balance the global acidity of the wine by adding the sweetest touch that you are waiting for a cocktail but also using a new herbal note.   

Therefore, we married the wine and the blackcurrant aromas with a slight touch of basil to bring a fresh scent reminding Summer. 


The last but not the least is:  


The Pink Flamingo 


–    10 cl Rosé de Loire 2016 Domaine du Petit Clocher 

–    5 cl club soda 

–    Lemon juice (+ some slices for decoration) 

–    1 cl liquid sugar 



Mix all the ingredients. 

Stir well.  

Let it rest in the fridge to infuse for at least 1h. 

Serve really chill and enjoy!   


This is the last one coming in the family! And we hope that you will enjoy it on your late-night dates and parties.  


Enjoy our new Spring Cocktails


Don’t hesitate to write us, we will be joyful to take note of your advice!