Mindspace tasting 101

Published the Jun 25 2019 in "Articles"

For about six months now, we have been in partnership with Mindspace in Shoreditch.

Therefore, that allows us to organise a wine tasting class in their open space, once a month.  

The location

Mindspace is a friendly co-working space located in the heart of London’s fashionable area: Shoreditch. 

Located in third floor of a new modern building, Minspace offers a great view on the city.

The space is elegant and cosy with a very good decoration touch.


The tasting class

Every month, for about two hours, Maxime opens 5 bottles of wine who really surprised him or just some he really enjoys.

He will guide you step by step for a very sensitive journey by teaching you how to properly taste a wine.

You will learn how to describe their colour, brightness and clearness and how to smell a wine and to taste it.  

After the tasting, everyone can ask all the questions about wine tasting, wine making or wine in general to Maxime.

He is always more than happy to tell you all he knows about his fascinating job.  

Our last tasting class

The last tasting class was on May 22nd.

11 persons were attending to the class and for the very first time Maxime choose 3 wines from Domaine Wach.  

This 3 white wines are “Grand Crus Riesling” produced the exact same way, on the same vintage, by the same winemaker but on 3 different soils which gives them different aromas and enhance the important of the terroir in a wine.  

Let me tell you a bit more about those wines.  

1 – Grand Cru Kastelberg 2014 

This bright and clear white wine has a green gold/ pale gold colour.

It is a very complex and powerful wine with earthy aromas.

You can smell chives and honey but also buttery aromas that makes you think of almonds and pastries.

When you taste it, you won’t be disappointed!

2- Grand Cru Wiebelsberg 2014 (won a bronze medal at the “Decanter World Wine Award “)  

This bright, green pale colour white wine has flowery and fruity aromas.

You can smell peach, apple, grapefruit and cherry plum aromas with some honey as well. 

When you taste it, you notice that the acidity is dominant but you can taste as well the bitterness and sweetness.

3 – Grand Cru Moenchberg 2014  

This dry white wine has a gold pale colour and it has a very clear appearance.

In terms of aromas you can smell citrus fruit such as grapefruit, some exotic notes, such as mango and pineapple.

A wine that is surprisingly opulent and with a nice structure on the palate.  

If you want to learn more about those “Grand Crus” who are just amazing to taste, join us to our upcoming event “an Urban Eonotourism Experience : la Route des Vins” on July the 5th at the Brew coffice in old street.

In addition to the tasting of more than 16 wines paired with cheeses and canapés, you will have the chance to attend a masterclass with Pierre Wach and Jessica Ouellet, our wine-maker from the Alsace région.  

Don’t be shy and book your ticket online: