One To Wine

One To Wine Ltd. is a new company developed in London that is modernizing the way wine is sold. Anyone can now enjoy and share quality wines easily, thanks to our labels.

Our success is due to our 3-part philosophy: Simplicity, Quality, Community.


Have you ever been in a supermarket and felt lost staring at the hundreds of different wines on offer? Selecting great wine shouldn’t be so stressful. It should be as enjoyable as the experience of drinking itself.

So One to Wine came up with a solution.

We make fine wines easy to choose. We have taken the most exciting french wines and created 3 hand-picked ranges for you. All you have to do is answer these two simple questions:

(1) What quality of wine would you like? And (2) From where?
We have created three brands with different levels of quality, seperating them by French region according to an easy to follow colour code!

See the table below, for each region (colour) we have selected for you:

  • a first choice quality wine: Le Généreux
  • a premium-quality wine: L’Ambitieux
  • a unique wine: Le Prestigieux

Our wines :

The Loire Valley



Le Prestigieux


Le Généreux

We also simplified our labels to provide 4 key bits of information (traditional label’s give over 8):

  • The Brand Name
  • The Origin
  • The Grape Variety
  • The Vintage

All the information is presented clearly along with a precise description of the wine suggested food accompaniments on the back label.


Due to the unique way we’ve built our range we have been able to give special attention to each wine presented.

We created a unique three-stage selection process, which over a two year period, has enabled us to narrow down our selection to 18 different wines, our aim being to guarantee the highest quality/price ratio possible:

Quality One To Wine

Why is this process unique?

For most of our competitors, entering a new market with less than a hundred different wines is difficult to get enough choices and diversity to be attractive on the market. With our original principal simplifying wine understanding, we did not have to source and import hundreds of wines, so we focused on 18 only. The very best among those we tasted!


We are as focused on community as we are great taste because we know that good wine is meant to be shared! Wine is a social experience: it is meant to be shared with family and friends to reveal its full potential.

Therefore we organise weekly events (initiation to wine tasting, wine & cheese pairing, bigger event...), to stay close to you and convey our passion for this warm and friendly community!

To carry share, create and enjoy fine wine moments, join us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also deepen your knowledge of wine by reading our Blog.

Community One To Wine