Winemakers: Château du Roc

chateau du roc cellar

Published the Oct 13 2017 in "One to Wine's Story"

What means quality for you? For One to Wine quality means having the best raw material and treat it with love and expertise.


This is why, we spend two years finding out the best winemakers around France. Today we would like to explain you a little bit more about one of them, the Château du Roc.



This Château is located in the north of the Corbières, in the village of Montbrun, between the medieval city of Carcassonne and the Mediterranean Sea, it produces AOP Corbières and Pays d’Oc wines.

The château has been property of the same family during 10 generations, for them the vineyard and wine are a matter of tradition, passion and exigency, and we couldn’t agree more.

In 1972 Jacques Bacou started to bottle the wines, during the last 45 years the Château du Roc has been commercialising the wines under the command of Jacques, who now leads the managing to their juniors, Bertrand and Mary.


The wine making cellar dates from the 19th century, it is half-buried. Nowadays, they have learnt how to match tradition and modernity, building another modern cellar in the year 2001 that gives their wines a high quality and special personality, as you can see in the cuvée fleuron of the château, sold by One To Wine as Le Prestigieux in Languedoc.



Furthermore, the barrel cellar was rehabilitated in 2010, this is the perfect place to leave the wines for maturation, as the half-buried cellar keeps perfectly a constant temperature.

If you are now looking forward to visit Château du Roc, worry not, they have a great tasting cellar in the old renovated stables, which has been thought to accommodate up to 50 people.


We will continue telling you more about our wine makers, the origins of our wines and our passion for the wine.