Producer: Château du Roc

The Château du Roc has been built in the beginning of the 19th century. Located in the village of Montbrun, between the medieval city of Carcassonne and the Mediterranean sea, the vines benefit from a wonderful terroir. The soils are composed by schists, llimestone and shingles hills paired with the perfect mediterranean climate: hot and sunny summers, moists automns and sweet winters.
The Bacou family, now at the head of the estate, has been working in the vines for 10 generations and the knowledge is still passing by as Jacques is currently stepping back to let his children Marie and Bertrand in charge. This perfect combination of traditionnal experience and young understanding of the taste has made the Château du Roc wines evolving to get a unique taste. With a very silky signature, those wines always manages to combine the strength of southern wines with an amazing complexity of aromas and sophisticated tastes.

Famille Bacou – Château du Roc

La Grange

11700 Montbrun-des-Corbières