Producer: Domaine Pech-Céleyran

The Domaine Pech-Celeyran has been proudly owned by the de Saint-Exupéry familly for five generations.
The estate is made of 96 hectares of vineyards on the slopes of the hill called ”Le Pech”, most of it inside the La Clape appellation area.
The said hill has been used to produce wines from centuries (first exploited by monks in a monastry near by) thanks to its perfect location:
First, the soil made of clay and chalk, procuring just enough dryness for the vine to struggle a bit and grow its roots deeper in the ground, but also the rich minerals necessary to a good aromatic concetration in the grape.
Second, the climate: between a south wind comming from the Mediterranean sea bringing just a little water needed by the plant, and then the ”Cers”, a north-west wind that dries the leafs and brings the sun.
The current owners, Nicolas and Ombline de Saint-Exupéry, have been restlessly modernising the estate, a part serving to renew all the old part of the buildings and properties to open some hospitality rooms, and the rest to always create the best sunny wines, moderns and fruity.

Domaine Pech-Céleyran

11110 Salles d’Aude