Producer: Doublet family: Château Tour de Calens, Château Vignol

The Doublet family are the descendants of Bordeaux sailors joining the Old and the New world. They settled down in the Bordeaux area in the 18th century to start working in the vineyards.
Three generations ago they bought the Château Vignol, which still is their headquarters today, an estate with much history as it used to be owned by the Baron de Montesquieu, a famous French political philosopher considered as one of the most famous writers of the French age of Enlightment.
With the strong will to protect this legacy, the Doublet family were pioneer in the production of high-quality wines in the Entre-deux-Mers subregion of Bordeaux, and gain through the years a great reputation.
Years later they have been given the opportunity to acquire a second estate across the river Garonne in the subregion of the Graves: the Château Tour de Calens. On those 10 hectares they proudly apply the family’s philosophy to seek the quality through both distinct fruits aromas to please the palate, but also a great elegance and complexity as a signature.

Famille Doublet – Château Tour de Calens

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