Pierre Hermé Macarons & Wine Tasting for Valentine’s Day

Published the Feb 19 2020 in "Stories & Partners"

For Valentine’s Day, Pierre Hermé Paris and One To Wine have organised a very intimate private tasting.

In his charming Seven Dials shop, the director of Pierre Hermé welcomed 10 of TEN Group Concierge members for a Macarons & Wine Tasting Event.

These lucky ones were able to taste a selection of macarons, composed of timeless macarons such as :

  • Ispahan (Raspberry, Rose, Litchi)

  • Mogador (Milk Chocolate and Passion Fruit)

  • Mosaïc (Morello Cherry, Pistachio, Cinnamon)

  • Crème Brulée (Vanilla, Caramel Bits)

What a better way to complement this evening than to combine these delicious macarons with well selected wines?

Wine Tasting

The principle of a pairing is to combine the right wine with the right macaron in order to create something even more delicious!

Indeed, some wines will enhance certain macarons’ aromas, and some macarons will enhance certain wines’ ones.

It’s a real delight!

Conversely, a wine can mask the aromas of a macaron or even create an unpleasant sensation if the two are badly paired.

This is where the sommelier’s expertise comes into play.

He is able to identify the best combinations that will ravish your palate.

Several weeks in advance, both experts come into contact.

After agreeing on the purpose of the event, its date, its location and its number of participants, they each proposed different products.

Pierre Hermé’s General Manager in UK, Samuel Behr, offered us a selection of 7 macarons.

According to this, Maxime Maiano (MSc Wine and Spirit) came with a selection of 15 bottles, composed of white, red and rosé wines.

Two weeks before the date of the event, the One To Wine team visited Pierre Hermé’s offices.

Then, two people from One To Wine and two from Pierre Hermé proceeded to the tasting.

Each macaron was tested with several wines, under the advice of Maxime Maiano.

Let’s take the example of a great classic: the Ispahan Macaron, composed of Raspberry, Rose and Litchi.

It has been paired with Château Pech Celeyran – Ombline (from Languedoc).

The acidity of this wine balances the fat and sweetness of the macaron and creates an incredible harmony.

Whereas the association of this macaron with Domaine GayrardLoin de l’œil (Gaillac) revealed more buttery aromas and the macaron seemed fatter.

Finally, thanks to the notes taken about each association, the pairings that worked best were selected by our four professionals.

What about the Tasting?

Then came the D-day.

Our teams met before the event to prepare the layout of the room and welcome the guests.

Tasting glasses, a tray of macarons and a tasting leaflet are placed on the counter, above an endless stall of pastries.

Each participant takes place in front of this.

The tasting begins with Maxime Maiano explaining how the pairings were made, then how to taste a wine (observe it, then smell it and finally taste it) and finally, how to proceed specifically to the Macarons and Wines Tasting.

“Smell the wine and take a sip before eating the macaron”

Finally, Mathew Johns (Store Manager) explains the story of each macaron, and their different aromas.

What a fantastic tasting!

Pierre Hermé Macarons were delicious and the wines exquisite.

The associations made everyone travel

Did you enjoy the backstage of the pairing and did it make your mouth water?

You want to participate to one of our next events?

We can already say that a public macarons and wine tasting is in preparation on our side!

Don’t hesitate to regularly consult our events tab to find out more.

You will be able to find tickets and to join us to share a moment of conviviality!