Raclette and Wine Pairing!

Published the Nov 14 2018 in "Articles"

Winter season is coming… and for all frenchies that mostly means it’s Raclette season!

For the fromage-addicted French people, Raclette is the ultimate warming winter dinner.

But you may wonder, what is raclette cheese?


What is Raclette?


Raclette is a semi-hard cheese made on both sides of the French and Swiss border in the Alps. The name also applies to a dish made with the said melted cheese, typically eaten with potatoes. Pronounced rah-klett in its native French, this meal can usually be found on the menu of restaurants high in the French Alps. The method of melting the cheese to make Raclette has changed over the years. Initially, the cheese was melted near the fire. Now the raclette cheese can also be melted on a grill and scraped onto plates. That’s it! Now you perfectly know what a “rah-klett” is!

So let’s go straight forward to the subject… which wines to pair with Raclette?!


Wine and Raclette pairing.


One thing we love about Raclette is that it can be paired with quite a few different wines

One of the most “classic” pairing we would tell you is a dry white wine such as a Roussette from Savoie, or a red wine such as a Pinot noir from Alsace, in France.

But above all, we would recommend a wine from our EZ Wine range! You have the choice with white wines like the L’Ambitieux from Bordeaux or Le Généreux from the Loire Valley.

For red wine lovers, we suggest Le Prestigieux from the Loire Valley.


Want to have a taste?


For the opening of Christmas season, join us for our “Christmas Party” at The Brew Eagle House, on City Road, on the 7th of December. Indulge yourself with melted Raclette cheese scraped onto plates and served with potatoes, cured meat and pickles. More info coming soon! Stay tuned 😉