The Loire Valley
Cuvée Le Généreux

Grape variety Gamay, Merlot

Wine region The Loire Valley

Geographical DesignationIndication Géographique Protégée Val de Loire



Volume75 cl.

AllergyContains Sulfites

Character Aromatic, Fruity, Rich



Domaine de la Grange
Baudouin et Victor de Goulaine
44650 Corcoué sur Logne


Appearance: A wine with a lively red dress, very brilliant with an elegant transparency.

Aroma: The bouquet delivers some quite delicate yet strong expressive notes of very mature red berries. Then comes an intense aroma of dark fruits.

Palate: We have here a very supple attack and well melted tannins. This wine is well balanced and possesses an aromatic intensity.

Aging: 1 to 2 years

Best served at the temperature of the room, does not require any aeration.