Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas. (Part 1)

Published the Oct 30 2018 in "Articles"

How to pair bold red wine with cheese.

Bold red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon match up well with equally intense cheeses. It’s good to pair a bold red wine with a cheese that’s firm and a bit salty, perhaps with tyrosine crystals for instance. The cheese will be best enjoyed in small bite-sized pieces over grilled bread.

Bold Red Wine & Cheese Pairings ideas:


What about light red wine and cheese pairings?

Light red wines like Pinot Noir and Beaujolais match up nicely with delicately flavoured, washed rind cheeses and nutty, medium-firm cheeses. Gruyere is a great example of a nutty cheese and Taleggio is a semi-soft, washed rind cheese that is not overly intense. If you prefer a softer style, try a soft ripened cheese like brie or camembert.

Light Red Wine & Cheese Pairings idea:


But keep it in mind, it’s much easier to match white wines and cheeses together! You will understand why in our next blog about white wine and cheese pairings.

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For instance, firm and semi-firm cheeses are going well with our cuvée L’Ambitieux from Bordeaux or Le Prestigieux from Languedoc-Roussillon.