Wine and cheese paring ideas (Part II)

Published the May 14 2019 in "Articles"

As we saw on our first article on how to pair red wines and cheeses, we are now going to give you some new ideas for white wine and cheese pairing.
Most of the time, and besides what the popular knowledge is, a cheese will be better paired with a white. In fact, on our tests with Cheezelo to find the best pairings for each of their cheeses 3 times out of 4 we will prefer a white than a red. This can first be explained on a structural level. The acidity of a white will clean your palate from the extra fat of the cheese, leaving a silky impression in mouth whereas a red will have the tendency to leave your mouth dry, out of salivation to clean your palate. On a second point, on an aromatic level, we will often be closer to the aromas of the whites: buttery, stray, flowery notes, than on the reds. Plus, the intensity being often way more discreet in whites, they tend to support the aromas of a cheese more than to mask it.

How to pair a dry white wine with cheese?

We will make here the distinction between the fresh lively acidic whites that are produced to be drunk on the primary aromas (fruity notes) and the oak-aged malolactic whites, made to be kept years and be tasted on the tertiary aromas. Regarding the young lively whites, we would more likely recommend them with soft cheeses such as a Camembert, a Brie or a Coulomier. Soft cheeses are matured for less than 1 month, so they are creamy and the tast is quite mild. A dry white wine with its strength will balance the softness of those cheeses.

A white wine that is a bit aged with a round palate and a buttery side like an old Burgundy Chardonnay will be rather paired with firm or semi-firm cheese. These cheeses are harder and aged for a longer time than soft cheeses (usually 12 months at least for a very firm one). Cheddar, Cantal, Gruyère and Parmigiano for instance are in this category of cheeses. The tertiary aromas will usually always be a match with the oxidative scents from aged cheeses.

How to pair a sweet white wine with cheese?

Sweet wine and cheese could be very difficult to pair but an easu truth is, a sweet wine is the perfect beverage with a Blue-Veined cheese like a Stilton. The strong, sharp and peppery flavour of the blue cheese has to be balanced by a wine with an exceptional and strong expression like our liquorish wine, The Ramandolo, made out of Verduzzo grape.

We hope that we gave you the will to make a cheese and wine party next week-end. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more ideas of pairing or if you want to try one of our white wine !!

Have a lovely week !!