Wine Starter Packs on Delivery

Published the May 14 2020 in "Articles - Stories & Partners"


Due to the apparition of the CoViD-19 in early March 2020, One To Wine has decided to temporarily close its event activities – to reduce gatherings and fight against the spread of the disease – and consequently started selling wine Starters Packs on delivery.

Unfortunately, One To Wine’s main activity is based on events, organisation of workshops and tastings, to present independent winemakers in the UK.

The question was: how can we continue to share our passion and expertise with our consumers?

Simple: we decided to create an e-Shop and started home wine deliveries.

However, selling wine was not enough for us, so we decided to not only be retailers, but also service providers.

The most important thing for us is to share these moments of conviviality with you and teach you about the world of wine, to welcome you in our world.

In order to continue to offer you our know-how, we have decided to create mixed cases, our wine Starter Packs.

The composition of these cases is carefully thought and allows you to discover and taste, in each one of them, many different origins and variety around a chosen theme.

Because we want to stay as close to you as possible, we accompany these blended cases with several services such as an online tasting with our wine expert, recipes to have the perfect pairings and tasting tips.

We first created a survival kit with a bit of everything: the “Quarantine Starter Pack“, offering a selection of white, red, sparkling and sweet wines. Our best products, at an attractive price.

Then, we wanted to get closer to everyone’s tastes and added a “White Lovers” and a “Red Lovers” to our range of Starter Packs.

This way, everyone can find out which wines they prefer.

What is coming next?

One to Wine wants to continue to diversify its offer.

In addition to selling wines by the bottle, many new Starter Packs are yet to come.

A Cheese & Wine box is in creation with our partner Cheezelo; Starter Packs for summer barbecues, or ideal with vegetarian dishes are also part of our plans.

Stay tuned, we still got great things in mind for you!

It all started with the desire to continue to share our passion with you and today we are doing everything we can to have something to offer to everyone!

Thank you all for your support, we are happy to count you among our community!

The range


Starter Pack

This is the first starter pack we’ve created for you.

Therefore, our first intention was to ease up your lock-down by selecting for you 6 bottles for a special mixed case.

We carefully selected the best value wines we had, as always from independent winemakers respecting their environment, to offer you the best wine experience at a discounted price.

Some red, some white, a sparkling and a dessert wine: the perfect selection for a home quarantine!

All in one case delivered to your door!

Please, find the paired recipes on the blog!

White Lovers

Starter Pack

Want to travel in France and Italy while staying in your kitchen / living room / bedroom / bathroom ?

Here is our selection in order to do so.

You’ll get a range of white wines, from dry to sweet, selected among the most charming vineyards of France and Italy!

Degust these wines with paired recipes available on our blog.

Moreover, for every purchase, our sommelier is offering an online tasting of one wine of your selection, with our sommelier Maxime!

Red Lovers

Starter Pack

Since we had a case with many different kinds of wines and one of mixed whites only, we obviously needed an all-reds Starter Pack!

Therefore, for those who prefer a glass of red, here comes your opportunity to discover new wines that we selected just for you.

In this pack you will find six bottles totalising twelve different grape varieties: from international grapes (Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Grenache, Cabernet, Sauvignon), to less renowned ones (Cinsault, Alicante, Marselan), to even rarer, very local grapes (Braucol, Duras, Refosco, Schioppettino).

It is a journey through Italy and France, one that we made and one that we want to share with you through this unique selection!

The selected wines are :

As well as for the previous Starter Pack, for each case, you can choose one wine and you will be granted an online/video tasting class with our wine expert Maxime.

He will tell you everything you want or need to know about the wine you chose and he will accompany you in this tasteful journey, a sip after another!

Please find more details on our Booklet

For the launch of our new Starter Pack for Red Lovers, we’ve created a free downloadable “Booklet.

Both informative and mouth-watering, it gives you a taste of the Red Lovers Starter Pack and includes :

  • Description of the wines

  • Story about the winemakers

  • Tasting sheets and tips

  • For each wine, pairing or tasting advice with exclusive recipes!